who we are

Fashion is fabulous, style is splendid,
brand is Bodacious & FAM ART is festive…

FAM ART Fashion shows L.L.C is a fashion show organizing company established in the United Arab Emirates with roots spread around the world. We primarily focus on promoting the fashion wear, lifestyle and designs to bring it to everyone with a fashion statement. 

We are absolutely everything that a fashion brand would ever need to display all their products in an attractive awe-inspiring manner. We organize fashion events and shows in all popular & prime locations of UAE and set the benchmark for a good lookbook. We are driven by our passion to be the ultimate channel and source to bring people closer to the brand.

what we do

We engage in reflecting a brand or designer’s latest collection

The Line of Clothing

Fashion Show Themes


Best FASHION Experience

We ensure the right exposure to the trends and styles with our service. 

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FAM ART Fashion Shows L.L.C

F105,Ayal Naser Office, Dubai, UAE